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This is a filler post, while Iam away…!

Lots of people find this site by searching for the following keywords.

“how to build a shed” unfortunately I can’t give you that answer but you could try our Forums, or read Johns ‘ tips for shed builders or you may have a lot better chance look at our sheddies sheds for inspiration, This years Shed of the year, gave a good account how he built his.

The second most searched for thing is “where do I buy a shed” well here are some great sites that sell some sheds ready to be pimped for entry into Shed of the year 2009

1) Garden Buildings Direct
2) Ie B&Q Sheds
3) Wickes Sheds
4) Screwfix Sheds
5) ShedStore Sheds – including Waltons Sheds
6) Taylors Garden Buildings ,who have some interesting sheds such as observatory Sheds! would love to see few of those on readersheds and posh Garden offices

More traditional UK companies like Woolworths also see a selection of sheds, as do Argos

Also we get a lot of people looking for “Shed plans”

Over the coming months, hopefully sooner we hope to have some exclusive Shed plans to offer your wannabee sheddies, so why not add us to your blog feed, or

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