Woman finds lorry driver living in her shed

This was reported all last week… so check your shed…

An Oxfordshire woman has told how a Lithuanian crane driver set up home in her garden shed – without her knowledge.

The man had installed home comforts including a bed, television and even a juicer in the shed at the bottom of an overgrown garden in Banbury, reports The Times.

He even tidied up the garden and Kelly Dudley, 25, assumed the figure in blue overalls had been sent by her landlord.

The truth dawned when she spotted him emerging from the shed on Sunday morning looking as though he had enjoyed a good night’s sleep.

She was astonished to discover a single bed, a chest of drawers, a camping stove, pots and pans, crockery and a shaving mirror. He had set up a television at the end of the bed, and laid a carpet on the floor.

Ms Dudley, who is on maternity leave with her six-month-old daughter, Chloe, did not know whether to be be amused or frightened.

She later found out that the migrant worker, known only as John, had sought refuge at the bottom of her garden after losing his job and being evicted from his home. He believed that the unlocked outhouse had been abandoned.

Ms Dudley said that the Lithuanian had offered to pay her rent and do her gardening if she would allow him to stay.

“If I did not have a six-month-old daughter, I might have considered it,” she said. “It is a funny story but also very frightening – he could have been anybody.”

PC Matt Locke said: “He thought the shed had been abandoned, so he moved in. He had even cleaned up the garden. He had not committed any criminal offences but we asked him to move on, which he did, willingly.”

By Andrew Wilcox

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