Shed Week : The Nuts Shed report

Our friends over at Nuts have gone well Nuts (sorry) over sheds this Shed week and have commissioned a report on Sheds titled The Nuts Shed report and here are their findings. (how many times can I mentioned Nuts and sheds in one para)

England Cricketer Ravi Bopara and lovely Nuts Girl Imogen, launch The Nuts Shed Report in London today.

Young men crying out for Sheds!

Over a 3rd of young British men crave their own “man haven”

As part of National Shed Week, NUTS magazine has compiled ‘THE SHED REPORT’ – an in depth study into the role of the shed in the modern man’s Britain and why every man should have one.

Research from the UK’s number one men’s magazine has shown that the humble wooden garden fixture is no longer just the preserve of Alan Titchmarsh or Arthur Fowler – with over 1/3rd of young British men claiming that they would love to own a shed. The study reveals that they are increasingly being used for a variety of different reasons from relationship stabilisers (a lean-to psychiatrist if you will) to practical extensions of the home to sanctuaries from modern day life and even as investments. A modern man’s shed truly can be his castle!

Nuts Editor at Large, Pete Cashmore says, “The Shed is now an integral part of the any British bloke’s life – it provides a sanctuary from the rigours of every day life and is a place that he can truly call his own. This is why we at Nuts celebrate the noble shed and all it stands for!”

Top findings include:

  • Over 1/3rd of 18-25yrs olds want to own a shed
  • 1/3rd of men think having a shed is a positive influence on their relationship
  • 40% of respondents believe a good shed is an important factor when buying a house
  • The average age to own a shed (“Shed Age”) is 32 years old

Sheds are good for relationships:

  • Whilst over 1/3rd of men feel a shed improves their relationship their partners also agree- 19% of women seeing ‘shed time’ as a positive influence on their man
  • The recommended amount of “Shed Time’ from shed owners is 3 ½ hrs a month to secure a happy and fruitful relationship. Whilst for those under 25yrs olds simply 2hrs/ month will suffice

Sheds and their value:

  • With the credit crunch seemingly here to stay sheds are also becoming a lucrative investment as 40% of people consider a shed to be an important factor when buying a house.
  • · The average UK value for a shed comes in at a healthy £508 with over 17% of shed owners having sheds valued in excess of £1000! Welsh shed owners invest the most in their wooden sanctuaries topping the shed value list with 36% of owners valuing their sheds at over £1k

Sheds and their owners:

  • Over half of the UK owns a shed
  • However for the younger generation the desire to own a shed is the strongest. Over 1/3 of the under 35yr olds who do not currently own a shed desire one!
  • London and the West Midlands (not areas normally associated with the outdoors) desire a shed the most with 16% and 20% respectively
  • Owning a shed is no longer therefore just for the older retired generation. Indeed the average age for people to ‘come of shed age’ (purchase their first shed) is a sprightly 31.8 years of age with the West Midlands leading the pack by popping their shed cherry at the age of 29. People in the South-West, however, leave it until the ripe old age of thirty five before tying themselves down to such a shrewd investment


  • Buy a good set of tools
  • Erect some shelves
  • Lay good foundations
  • Keep a radio in your shed
  • Keep your shed organised
  • Make sure your shed is water tight
  • It is well worth applying a coat of preservative and repeating the treatment each year to prevent decay of your shed
  • If you intend to use the shed as a workshop choose a bright spot in the garden with a pleasant view
  • If you intend running an electrical supply to your shed it would be sensible to have it close to your house
  • When choosing where to put your shed, remember to think about the access to it
  • And for real enthusiasts
  • Make your shed your haven, store all the things you want and like in it but make sure you keep your shed secure
  • Share your shed with others


  • Ensure that your shed is securely locked
  • Use suitable plants, such as thorny shrubs, to enhance the protection of your garden perimeter
  • Try and extend your burglar alarm to cover your shed too.
  • Install outdoor security lighting
  • Mark valuable belongings with your postcode and house number, this makes stolen items easier to identify as yours
  • Photograph valuable equipment and belongings in your shed.
  • Ensure that your household insurance policy covers your garden and your shed

By Andrew Wilcox

I love sheds Founder & judge of Shed of the year - Wilco writes mainly about sheds. About the blog Enter your shed into #shedoftheyear