Just sheds: iamnotashed

Not because Mrs uncle wilco has a summerhouse 😉

A lot of shed purists think we should never have summerhouses let alone garden offices on readersheds.co.uk, I normally just say well if the sheddies use their shedlike enivornment for the purpose of getting away from it all, then It’s a shed in my book.

anyway summerhoues off the shelf do not change much in shape and uniqueness, but it’s what the sheddies but inside and make it their unique space is importmant, but when the sheddie makes it themselves then wonderfull.


A great place for entertaining, barbeques when it’s raining even. Sit down darts !, loads of atmosphere (candle smoke),electrified but no broadband there yet, that’s a project for the Winter.Dimensions are 14 x 9, made it myself with some help from my dad,and my brother helped erect it! Used 4×3 joists and ripped them down the middle for the framework,(dad’s got the big saw!!) the cladding is good old feather edge which came in 5 foot lengths from a reclaimed wood yard

You can view more summerhouses here, or even buy a summerhouse type affair here.

By Andrew Wilcox

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