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Adnams has launched what it claims is the UK’s first carbon-neutral beer.

Adnams says the bitter, East Green, has less than 1p worth of carbon emissions per bottle, which it has pledged to offset.

The beer is produced at a new “eco-friendly” brewery in Southwold, Suffolk, which recycles steam created during the brewing process and uses it to heat 90% of the following brew, a spokeswoman said.

But they don’t mention the strength or anything… if you see if around sheddies take a photo of the clip and add it to the Beer of the Week Group on Flickr.

Anyway my beer of the Week is Bass!


It’s an old favorite and was a lovely pint Ralph says “most of the time ” which I will agree with most of the time you will be lucky to get a good pint of it.

I had it at the Fox & Hounds in St. Brides Major, South Wales, a great little pub I have not been to for years.

By Andrew Wilcox

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  1. Luckily enough, my local pub is currently carrying East Green as one of its guest ales. Ignoring the tacky plastic (!) beer pump tag, I have to confess I supped a few pints last night, and admit that it’s very nice – those in the know would probably call it a session beer.

    However, as I awoke this morning a thought occurred to me, no doubt prompted by the actual reason I woke up so early. Adnams haven’t thought this carbon neutral thing

    Methane is 25 times more potent than CO2 as a greenhouse gas.

    Do I need to continue?

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