Green lawnmower to go on sale in uk

I know most sheddies don’t have much bother with grass, better to get a bigger shed on the space or a veg plot, but as the thing is for green things, then this may be of interest.


A new breed of high-tech, environmentally friendly lawnmower producing no emissions is set to go on sale in the UK.

The Husqvarna Automower Solar Hybrid is the world’s first solar/electric hybrid robot lawnmower.
It can cut grass unsupervised, and its manufacturers say it could save up to 40 hours of labour in the garden – the equivalent of a week’s holiday – every year.

The futuristic lawnmower uses the same amount of energy as a standard light bulb and is made from 90% recyclable materials.

The area of grass it cuts can be defined using a boundary cable, which also stops flowerbeds being damaged and helps the mower find its way back to its charging station.
While not the first robotic mower to reach UK markets, the Automower is the most environmentally friendly.

Bengt Andersson, CEO of the Swedish-based company Husqvarna, said: “This is as green as mowing gets, without compromising on performance. 90% of Automower is recyclable, it eliminates the need for fertilisers, it is silent and it delivers perfect results with zero emissions.”

The blades of the mower cut the grass with small blades in an irregular pattern, leaving a fine mulch that does not need raking and acts as fertiliser for the lawn.

By Andrew Wilcox

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