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The blackpoolgazzette reports. I thought it would have lost its other limbs thanks to pollution, but apparently it’s due to a defect at birth.

I am happy not to have one in my garden pond, mind you.

Photo from Blackpool Sea Life Centre/PA Wire
Photo from Blackpool Sea Life Centre/PA Wire

This is the world’s first “Hexapus”, according to marine experts in Britain.
Discovered off the coast of North Wales, its two missing limbs are the result of a birth defect rather than an accident.

The hexapus, which has two legs less than a normal octopus, has been christened Henry by staff at Blackpool Sea Life Centre.

But staff at the Zoo didn’t realise Henry only had six limbs – it was only when he fastened himself to the glass display tank his secret was revealed.

But marine experts at the centre cannot find there ever being an example of a ‘Hexapus’ before.

Henry is in a cold-water display tank and will go on display with other octopus as part of a new exhibition at the centre, entitled Suckers.

By Andrew Wilcox

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