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Mothers’ Day ruined thanks to spiders?

The shed’s best friend the Spider is being blamed on ruining Mothers’ Day for a flourists as reported by annienova

photo credit: Will Fuller

Thousands of Mothers’ Day flowers had to be destroyed after florists discovered they were infested with spiders.

The roses and carnations were being prepared for Sunday when shocked shop assistants realised they were crawling with spiders and infested with eggs.

A waste disposal firm was called in to take the blooms away, reports Sky News

“When the van driver arrived at our waste depot with the flowers, he looked terrified,” said Biffa waste firm manager David Graham.

He said: “I’ve never seen a driver so keen to unload. We employ some big burly fellas but none of them were keen to go near this consignment.”

Experts say the spiders were common British house spiders and were completely harmless but still not the sort of surprise mums would have expected on Mothers’ Day.

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