Planning : Toy shed refused

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This is south devon reports., always wise to check if you need planning before putting the shedup.. A £500 GARDEN shed housing children’s toys in an open-plan Paignton development has been refused back-dated planning permission by Bay councillors. Grandmother Gill Smith, of Palace Gardens, Leighon Road, was seeking retrospective approval for the shed and fencing… Continue reading Planning : Toy shed refused

Planning issues funny responses

The shed friendly telegraph reports. An architect’s wickedly sarcastic replies to pointless questions on a planning form have made him an unwitting champion for all those exasperated by bureaucracy. John Jessop earned a cult following among his colleagues after his withering comments were leaked in an e-mail which has been sent all round the country.… Continue reading Planning issues funny responses

You think you have problems getting your shed up

Reader Pamela from Michigan U.S.A says Here in DeWitt, Michigan U.S.A. we have a rule prohibiting sheds. Some people have built sheds and the homeowners association is suing them in court to make them take the sheds down. How pathetic is that? Sheds were banned in this area near Lake Geneva in DeWitt, MI (not… Continue reading You think you have problems getting your shed up

Are we allowed to put our shed wherever we like?

The answer by Sheila Prophet of course is in todays Telegraph, and they mention everyones (ok mine) favourite shed based website Actually, no. According to building regulations, if a shed is made of combustible material, ie wood, it must be at least two metres away from your own and any neighbouring house. It also… Continue reading Are we allowed to put our shed wherever we like?


Building a 230ft (70m) wind turbine to supply energy to the Glyndebourne Opera House could spoil the tranquility of the South Downs, conservationists said today. Plans to build the 850kw turbine on Mill Plain, between Ringmer and Glyndebourne in East Sussex, are being discussed at a public inquiry in Lewes. Officials at Glyndebourne – famous… Continue reading OPERA HOUSE WIND TURBINE PLAN