The most viewed sheds of 2023

This year 2023 is the 17th year I have run the Shed of the year competition here in the UK.

It’s still great, we are getting a lot of shed views of older sheds that entered Shed of the year a few years back (a lot of traffic from my Pinterest boards), but even better to see the latest entries are flying high in the list.

So this year’s most viewed 10 sheds on (according to google analytics) , Number one is unsurprisingly this year’s Shed winner

1) the Frankenshed.

This shed is called The Frankenshed because it was brought back from the dead. It was a standard 8′ x 4′ timber shed that had been left to rot at the bottom of a neglected garden. When I began renovating it the floor was 80% rotten, so was the roof and so was the window sill. By all rights it should have been torn down and replaced. But I saw the potential for something special.

Here are the other 9 most viewed sheds.

2) The Beer House

It’s a place where our whole family has been able to go to stay sane during lockdown

3) Evening Shed

My next door neighbour was about to demolish his old shed to put up a brand new one. I love the old sheds best so I asked if I could move it to my back garden to restore i

4) The Allotment Shed Aka Buckingham Pallets

Previously we had a large pigeon loft built on our allotment plot which was built on a hill of clay and rocks, but after standing for over 30 years it was falling apart.

5) Bourneville

I Have been dreaming and hoarding materials for about 20 years and finally I found the time its nearly complete .Im just about to do the interior with an eclectic mix of stuff collected over last 50 years.

6) The Makershed

The MAKERshed was my mental health and wellbeing saviour back in lockdown; trying to work from home when the day job is in a workshop supporting students with practical projects, having two young children to home school… we have all been there in some way over recent years..!?

Anyway. Fast forward 3 years and the MAKERshed is still that salvation in my wellbeing journey.

7) Number 82

I’ve always loved old wooden framed windows and have been collecting discarded ones from building sites/streets for the best part of a decade. When I took on my allotment a couple of years ago I decided I wanted more covered growing space and the windows came into their own.

8) Small But Mighty

SBM is the humble and beloved potting shed of two enthusiastic novice north norfolk allotmenteers. Designed on a scrap of paper and built from scratch using nearly all reclaimed materials.

9) The Snug

We wanted to create a gastro-style-pub within just metres from our back door, whilst keeping the feel of a generic garden shed on the outside.

When you open the doors, you are transported to a deluxe and cosy atmosphere – which feels like a million miles away from our Stockport cul-de-sac.

10) Golden Behinde

The shed is a roughish replica of the officer’s quarters on the Golden Hinde. My boys wanted a place where they could party, read and study (ha ha!) in the garden.

They saw the full-size replica of the Golden Hinde in London and decided to build their own version. I mean, if it was good enough for Sir Francis Drake to party on round the globe, it was definitely good enough for them.

Bonus sheds, that I like!

Time Out

My son in law built this shed by hand using reclaimed wood, windows, and doors that we saved from other old buildings.

Head, Hearts And Hands Hut

Our shed has been built from mostly (about 70%) recycled materials. We collected what we could second hand from dumps, Freecycle, builders waste etc. and then designed the shed around these materials. It has taken a few years of fun Sunday mornings for us to build it. None of us were experts so we had a professional builder in for a few days when building the framework to ensure the basic structure was safe and sturdy. Otherwise it has all been built by the community.

They are all amazing sheds, I look forward to seeing what you sheddies have been creating for 2024, our 18th year of Shed of the year, sponsored by Cuprinol

By Andrew Wilcox

I love sheds Founder & judge of Shed of the year - Wilco writes mainly about sheds. About the blog Enter your shed into #shedoftheyear