RIP Tony > The Roman Temple Sheddie

Had some sad news – the first ever winner of #shedoftheyear Tony Rogers (of the famous & my favourite Roman temple shed) sadly passed away last month.

His son, messaged me, to say that “Tony loved his 15 mins of shed fame & The Roman Temple featured in his eulogy and brought smiles to everyone that came to see him off.”

Tony was a joy to have as first winner, an eccentric and very enthusiast person, I was making the whole thing up as I went along, He just grabbed the opportunity and ran with it doing TV & newspaper interviews like a pro, and they even did the local TV Weather from this shed, dressed in full Roman Legionary regalia.

I can never thank him enough for that – it spurred me on to carry on with a celebration of the sheds and that 2nd year he was a serious judge, as wanted the sheds to be up to his high standards.

Over the past 15 years – we have been in contact quite a few times a year – He would message me if he saw “sheds” in the media & always after the winner shed was announced, to say how impressed/or not he was! (What a shame he was not on the telly, when we had the show!)

Gratias tibi to you Tony for showing your love of sheds, your eccentric ways and for being a bloody nice bloke and supporting me all the way.

His Son has started a shed build as well, thanks to the influence of Tony, not a Roman shed (there can only be one) but a tiki bar theme on the outside and Millennium Falcon themed interior, yep the apple does not fall far.

RIP Tony > The Roman Temple – “I casually suggested to my wife that the shed might look better if it was converted to a Roman Temple. She was not amused!” Unexpected/Unique – Berkshire

By Andrew Wilcox

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