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24 shed-hot finalists from around the UK set to battle for top honour of Cuprinol Shed of the Year

Cuprinol has announced the long-awaited Shed of the Year shortlist for 2018 celebrating this year’s most eccentric, exceptional, and extraordinary sheds

Now in its 11th year, the competition will see ‘sheddies’ go head-to-head this summer to win the coveted crown of Shed of the Year 2018

The eagerly awaited shortlist for the Cuprinol Shed of the Year 2018 has been announced today, featuring everything from a floating shed pulled from Liverpool to Leeds to an authentic Irish pub, a Shed & Breakfast to an inner city garden haven, a playhouse to a festival-inspired yurt and much, much more.

The competition is back and better than ever, and with an incredible 2,971 entries, this year’s contestants promise to be some of the most exciting in the competition’s history.

The finalists comprise of the top four sheds in eight categories including Eco, Pub & Entertainment, Workshop & Studio, Cabin & Summerhouse, Unique, Historic, Budget and #NotAShed/Unexpected which celebrates those extraordinary creations that go beyond the traditional definition of a conventional ‘shed’.

The 24 shortlisted contestants will face a public vote to decide the best shed in each category. Category winners will go head to head in the final round, where a panel of shed experts will decide the overall winner. This year’s panel line-up includes ‘Head Sheddie’ and founder of the competition, Andrew Wilcox, Cuprinol’s Creative Director Marianne Shillingford and Ben Swanborough, winner of Shed of the Year 2017. The winner will receive £1,000 courtesy of sponsors Cuprinol along with a plaque, £100 worth of Cuprinol products and a giant crown for their winning shed.

Founder of Cuprinol’s Shed of the Year, Andrew Wilcox (Uncle Wilco) said: “We’ve been absolutely blown away by the incredible, imaginative and innovative sheds entered into this year’s competition.

“I’ve judged the finalists eleven years running now, and it’s amazing to see how the sheds evolve each year as entrants take inspiration from others and realise that creating your own shed on a budget is a more than achievable project.

“I will be very interested to see who comes out on top following the public vote. It is going to be a near-on impossible task deciding who will take top honour as the Shed of the Year 2018, I love all 24 sheds.”

Marianne Shillingford, Creative Director at Cuprinol said: “Shed of the Year is in its eleventh year now and we’re as proud as ever to sponsor such a great event were people can express their creativity and build fantastic spaces to share with family and friends. We are surprised each year at the impressive craftsmanship and blue-sky-thinking behind the sheds and we’re continually inspired by the interesting stories behind them.

“Whether a city dweller or a countryside resident, sheds have truly become an additional room for homes across the UK. Through our research at Cuprinol we know sheds are no longer just places to hold tools, they are creative studios, dining rooms and kids dens to name a few. There’s no end to what these spaces can be used for. You only have to look at this year’s shortlist to see how versatile sheds can be, and the joy they can bring.”

Public voting to determine the category winners opens today (August 13th 2018) via The UK public will have until midday on Tuesday 28th August to cast their vote on who they think deserves the winning title of Shed of the Year, along with a winner for each category.

To view the full shortlist and place your vote before 9am on Tuesday 28th August 2018 visit:



The Admiral’s Head – owned by Lee Carrie in Essex, Chelmsford

This charming pub was born from a simple idea sparked from the purchase of an original ‘Admirals Head’ pub sign. Drawing on his 17 years of experience in the Royal Navy, the owner, Lee, used this as the driving influence behind the theme of his shed/pub. The result is a beautifully historic shed, thriftily and persistently put together by hunting for vintage naval pub memorabilia – hanging mugs, pub mirrors, vintage bottled Ales, free carpet, chrome deers head, fireplace, cobbles and more!

The Admirals Head – Pub/Entertainment from Garden #shedoftheyear

OSmithers – owned by Doug Smith in Blackpool, Hambleton

This one-of-a-kind shed houses an exact replica of a genuine commercial Irish pub. The rugby-themed bar was built three years ago before being doubled in size last year due to its popularity. From the outside, this shed could be confused with Blackpool Tower thanks to a 25ft replica of Blackpool Tower on the roof, originally built by Vickers Armstrong Apprentices during the Second World War and later restored and updated by Doug.

Osmithers – Pub/Entertainment from Garden #shedoftheyear

Noah’s – owned by David Morris in Blackwood,Caerphilly

This impressive shed was built painstakingly during a period of heavy rain by owner David – which led his neighbours to joke he was building ark. Once complete, David’s neighbours came to visit as couples two-by-two, and from there the apt name, ‘Noah’s’, was born. This uniquely designed shed was mostly built of reused and recycled materials. Despite the initial hardship, Noah’s is now the perfect place for gatherings with family and friends.

Noahs – Pub/Entertainment from Garden #shedoftheyear


Bottle Shed – owned by Lauretta and Philip Denton in Scarborough

Inspired by a story written by her primary school teacher, Mrs. Arnold, Lauretta set out to build her bottle shed with the help of her detail-oriented husband Philip. The space, built entirely of repurposed staircases, windows, doors and bottles was a fluid process, which started without a plan, but each repurposed piece fitted perfectly as though it was always meant to be part of this extraordinary shed. Today, Bottle Shed holds memories and stories, from a collage of buttons Lauretta collected from her mum and grandmother, to messages and ships in bottles.

Bottle Shed – Eco Shed from garden #shedoftheyear

The Bee Eco Shed – owned by George Smallwood in Sheffield

A celebration of the wonders of nature, the Bee Eco Shed is the ideal place to admire the incredible life that can be found in the outdoors. George Smallwood started out building a base for a ready-made shed, but felt inspired and decided to create the whole structure himself. Today, it is used as a space of discovery as George interacts with the different species occupying his shed. In this entirely self-watering and self-sufficient space, the vegetables, herb garden, bugs and bees can truly thrive.

The Bee Eco Shed – Eco Shed from Garden/drive #shedoftheyear

Shed and Breakfast – owned by Daisy in Bristol

A sunny oasis in Bristol, the Shed & Breakfast is a quaint escape that is bursting with character. The yellow structure, complete with a king-sized bed, quirky accessories and a kitchenette is a coveted sleep arrangement for many of its visitors, who often come looking for some peace and quiet. Proud owner of the Shed & Breakfast, Daisy Bass, and her husband started renting out the shed as a way to generate more income as Daisy became a stay at home mum. Their success has been immense, largely due to the personalized and welcoming spirit of their shed. Today, they host homeless Bristol youth in Shed & Breakfast once a month, and have raised funds for Nightstop homeless charity in Bristol through guest donations. There is no doubt that this bright yellow shed is a gift to its community.

Shed And Breakfast – Eco from Our garden #shedoftheyear


The Big Top Den – owned by Steve Burrows in Longcot, Oxfordshire

Built into an old Wisteria tree, the incredibly charming Big Top Den is a space for Steve Burrows to enjoy precious time with his grandsons. The unique and colourful shed was built without a plan, with Steve adding onto it as he went. Today, Steve’s grandchildren enjoy a special place built just for them, to spend quality time with family. As for Steve, he has grown fond of building spaces for his grandchildren, and is now building two more sheds to fit his growing family.

The Big Top Den – Cabin/Summerhouse from Garden #shedoftheyear

The Limes – owned by Michael Long in the City of London

Living in London, Michael wanted to create a social space using all the wasted materials from the construction work happening around the city. As the grandson of a shed aficionado, he built this shed as an homage to his grandparents, and even has the original sign from their home, dubbed “The Limes”. The repurposed materials form a cosy and warm environment existing in harmony with the vast and fresh outdoors they reside in. With its own wood burning stove, elevated drinks holders and built in planters, The Limes shed is the perfect place for friends and family to come together.

The Limes – Cabin/Summerhouse from Garden #shedoftheyear

Great Glass Propagator – owned by Andy Ramsay and Kate Spencer the City of London

Built to be used as both a summer house and a green house, the Great Glass Propagator is built from reclaimed stained glass from the Victorian era, which took nearly two years to collect. With no plan in hand, Andy Ramsay and Kate Spencer let the glass they were able to find inform the design, using new materials to bring it all together. Today, the shed is used to pot and plant, as well as a wonderful space to retreat to with a tea. Particularly striking at night, the Great Glass Propagator truly marries form and function.

Great Glass Propagator – Cabin/Summerhouse from Rear Garden #shedoftheyear


Scaffold Board Summer House – owned by Scott Stickland in Thruxton, Hampshire

This sleek and modern shed is a polyvalent space for the whole family to enjoy. Sheddie Scott Stickland build this modular structure by himself, with a keen eye for detail and design, using LED strip lighting to accentuate the shed’s geometric aesthetic. Two of the walls rotate when the space needs to be opened up, and the cantilever roof then floats above the space.Today, in true versatile fashion, Scaffold Board Summer House is used as a space to hang out, watch movies with family and house Scott’s rowing machine and turbo trainer.

Scaffold Board Summer House – Unique from Garden #shedoftheyear

Boat Pod – owned by Barnaby Dearsly in Exeter, Devon

Built by Barnaby Dearsly as a writer’s retreat, garden folly, artist studio and children’s hideaway, Boat Pod is built from the upturned bow section of an original decommissioned fish trawler built in 1945. Fitted with electrical sockets, a bespoke stove sourced from the original mast-step, engineered oak flooring and a sail canvas door, this shed is sure to delivers an authentic feel. It has even been recorked and made watertight using marine resin!

Boat Pod – Unique from Exeter Canal Basin #shedoftheyear

Hapus Yurt – owned by Jack Fetherstonhaugh in Abergele, Conwy County

The Hapus Yurt was built by Jack Fetherstonhaugh amongst a lush forest in the welsh hillside. Surrounded by beautiful views, the insulated shed offers a premium experience with wifi, electricity, a spiral staircase and a bathroom with a view. Topped with a yurt, the structure is often visited by pheasant birds stopping for a rest. Complete with radiators and a fully functioning kitchen made from reclaimed wood, this shed is undoubtedly a comfortable and luxurious escape!

Hapus Yurt – Unique from Garden #shedoftheyear


Rainbow Dream – owned by Rachael Taylor in Liverpool, Merseyside

Entrepreneur Rachael Taylor from Liverpool has taken advantage of her extra garden space to make a creative hub for her flourishing pattern and design business. Rachael’s business is going from strength to strength and her quirky and colourful studio is bursting at the seams with potential for success – a far cry from the average tool shed!

Rainbow Daydream – Workshop/Studio from Garden #shedoftheyear

Viking Bauhutte – owned by Chris Walter in Hampshire

This piece of craftsmanship is named after a time in the middle ages when craftsmen and artisans would stay in a shed on a building site – the Bauhutte – and discuss their building and design ideas over tea (or mead). The shed is a workshop, an artists’ studio, a family craft room and a space where owner Chris can design and build cameras. The Viking motif came to life as the shed took shape and began to look like an upturned boat (and as a result of Chris’ two young daughters watching “How to Train your Dragon” a countless number of times).

Viking Bauhutte – Workshop/Studio from Garden #shedoftheyear

The Off-Cut Shed – owned by Mark Humphrys in Great Ellingham, Norfolk

Mark Humphrys set out to build his shed with a purpose: to recycle and upcycle materials that would normally sit and accumulate in bins. It is built entirely from off-cuts collected from neighbours, roofing manufacturers, bins and even an old kids’ playhouse – even the cement holding the materials together was made from sand collected from a nearby well. Dotted with bird boxes, badger boxes and all sorts of animal lodges, the Off-cut Shed breathes new life into materials that would have otherwise gone to waste, whilst giving Mark a space to call his own and relax in.

The Off Cut Shed – Workshop/Studio from The corner of the back garden #shedoftheyear


The Yurt Locker – owned by Paul Martin in Suffolk

From musical festival to shed, this back-garden haven has a truly amazing story. Paul, the creator, was at a festival in 2008 which was hit by a hurricane, and to his surprise only the glamping yurts survived. Inspired, Paul set out to study traditional yurt construction and then tried to buy one – but priced £4,000 and upwards, they were financially out of grasp. Underfunded but not discouraged, he decided to go the “non-traditional” route and see what he could produce with only £400, hand tools, a DIY superstore loyalty card and a nearby pound shop. After nine years, four trial versions and a £76 overspend – “The Yurt Locker” appeared.
It was originally planned to be used as a man cave and a shed for other DIY projects but it has since been hijacked by his family as a glamping venue and trampoline gymnasium – the removable sky port awning affording the necessary headspace.

The Yurt Locker – Budget from the garden of my house in gt bealings suffok #shedoftheyear

Buenai Vista – owned by Hywel Jones in Gwynedd

This incredibly detailed shed is uniquely designed to reflect the environment around it. Each panel relates to and represents the surrounding landscape – from the stream that runs adjacent to the house, to a nearby iron age hillfort, to the wood at the side of the house, to the Menai Strait.

Having been a qualified carpenter for over 35 years Hywel says his first love will always be carpentry – and it certainly comes across in this impressive shed. Now finished, the space is used by the whole family, as a guitar studio by one of his children, and by his wife as (what her friend like to call it) the ‘The Prosecco Palace’.

Buenai Vista – Budget from Garden #shedoftheyear

Tudor Playhouse – owned by Craig Clavin in Norfolk

This perfect little playhouse has had some unexpected but wonderful little helpers to help bring the shed project to life. Four-year-old brothers Hugo & Ralph’s hammering skills were instrumental in creating this vintage little play room alongside their Father Craig. The shed was built from mostly reclaimed / salvaged materials, and despite them both being only three and a half years old at the time, Craig says it has so far represented a great father/son(s) project.

Tudor Playhouse – Budget from Garden #shedoftheyear


The Temple – owned by Angus Robert Thompson in Dorset

Passionate about plants and history, especially the history of Northumbria, Angus McTavish (Thompson) wanted to create a space where he could celebrate and pay homage to the subjects he loves the most. Angus built The Temple as a base for historic walks and a space to sell plants from. Inspired by both Greek and Gothic temples, this shed took over six months to build and is principally made of salvaged and reclaimed wood. It is adapted for the public to visit, and is a wonderful spot to celebrate the richness of history, and maybe even take a plant home!

The Temple – Kirkharle – Northumberland – Historic from Kirkharle – Northumberland – UK #shedoftheyear

Jo’s Shepherds Hut – owned by Greg Whale in Dorset

When Greg Whale asked his wife Jo whether she wanted a Chevy truck or a shepherd’s hut for their 25th anniversary, she chose the latter. So Greg set out on a journey to build the shed from scratch, spending six month’s worth of weekends and evenings building her the sanctuary he believes she deserves. The hundred-year-old original wheels alone took three months to find! Having never built anything like it, he has found the process quite incredible and really enjoyable, fitting it with lamb’s wool insulation and a tortoise stove. Jo enjoyed the hut so much that she has become a shepherdess herself, looking after sheep and their lambs. Today, Jo’s Shepherd’s Hut resides peacefully in a neighbour’s field behind their home for the couple to enjoy some peace and serenity.

Jo’s Shepherds Hut – Historic from Field #shedoftheyear

The Bush Inn – owned by John Parks in West Sussex, Hull

Originally built to form part of a recreated wartime village in Kent, The Bush Inn is built to represent pubs of the period era, and is erected at various war revival shows across the UK. During those festivals, re-enactors and veterans come together in this historic shed to play darts, dominos, cards or just for some entertaining banter. John and Joy Parks have gone above and beyond to create an authentic experience at their pub, encouraging guests to bring their own drinks and serving them in period glassware, and even prepping the floors with some beer to give The Bush Inn that instantly recognizable pub smell. The Bush Inn is certainly popular amongst history aficionados, and is represents an important time in history.

The Bush Inn – Historic from Shows in Kent #shedoftheyear


Piano Raft – owned by Ben Cummins in West Yorkshire, Saltaire

Perhaps the most unusual of all of the shortlisted contestants is this self-made floating shed. Not only has the creator, Ben, spent the past five years building the structure piece by piece using reclaimed materials he finds on his journeys, but he has also spent that time manually pulling his shed on skis from Liverpool to Leeds. If you thought that may not have been complex of difficult enough, he has also started to transform the into a musical instrument.

Piano Raft – Unexpected from Liverpool Leeds Canal #shedoftheyear

The Taxi – owned by Lee Connelly in Colchester, Essex

This creation is the result of finding a new use for an old project! For many months Lee and his team of ‘Skinny Jean Gardeners’ attempted to repair a vintage car, however after a string of problems, the project came to an end. Lee then decided to transform the car into a creative shed, going to great lengths to make this a reality… Lee had to knock the back of his garage out in order to drive the car into the garden. The Taxi now acts as a bedroom and creative space.

The Taxi – Unexpected from Garden #shedoftheyear

Bricks & Water – owned by Geoff Pike in Wiltshire, Salisbury

This poolside oasis has a humble and unsuspecting exterior versus the LEGO wonderland it holds inside. Geoff first built his cabin 12 years ago and over the years it’s become home to an incredible LEGO collection. As the collection grew, Geoff found his cabin was becoming overcrowded, and he built a shed-extension, adjoining a second cabin two years ago.

Bricks And Water – Unexpected from Garden/Poolside #shedoftheyear

By Andrew Wilcox

I love sheds Founder & judge of Shed of the year - Wilco writes mainly about sheds. About the blog Enter your shed into #shedoftheyear