Shed of the year 2017 – Finalists announced – Look at these sheds! also #NotAShed

The winner of Shed of the year 2017 has been announced

Britain’s Got Shed Loads of Talent 32 shed-hot finalists from around the UK set to battle for top honour of Shed of the Year

  • Cuprinol’s Shed of the Year competition has announced the long-awaited shortlist for 2017 highlighting this year’s most eccentric, exceptional, and extraordinary sheds
  • Public voting is now open to decide on the eight category winners
  • Now in its 10th year, the competition will see sheds go head-to-head this summer on the Channel 4 series ‘Amazing Spaces Shed of the Year’ for the coveted crown

The hotly anticipated shortlist for the Cuprinol Shed of the Year 2017 has been revealed, featuring everything from a holy Cathedral to a bright red Fire Station, a Tardis recreation to a wartime bunker, a colourful bloggers studio to a cinema screen, whisky headquarters to a real-life flight simulator and much more.

Showing no signs of fading in its 10th year after a record breaking 2,963 entries, this year’s finalists represent the most colourful mix of sheds in the competition’s history, with many entrants using their shed as a haven for their personal passions.

The finalists comprise of the top four sheds in eight categories including Eco, Pub & Entertainment, Workshop & Studio, Cabin & Summerhouse, Historic, Unexpected, Budget and for the first time ever, #NotAShed following requests from shed fans across the nation to celebrate those extraordinary creations that go beyond the traditional definition of a ‘shed’.

For the fourth year running, the shortlisted sheds will feature on hit TV series ‘Amazing Spaces Shed of the Year’, produced by Plum Pictures, airing on Channel 4 this summer. The category winners will be revealed on the show over the four-week programme and the eight winners will then go head-to-head in a battle to become the overall winner.

Selected by a panel of shed experts including the founder of the competition, Andrew Wilcox, George Clarke and his expert team; craftsman William Hardie, architect Laura Clark and industrial designer Max McMurdo, the winner will receive £1,000 courtesy of sponsors Cuprinol along with a plaque, £100 worth of Cuprinol products and a giant crown for their shed.

Public voting to determine the category winners opens today (May 18th 2017) via The UK public will have until midday on Friday 2 June to cast their vote on who they think deserves the winning title of Shed of the Year, along with a winner for each category.

Founder of Cuprinol’s Shed of the Year, Andrew Wilcox (Uncle Wilco) said: “Every year I am overwhelmed with the nation’s love of sheds and how they really get behind this celebration of British eccentricity. The sheds I have seen and judged over the years have continued to evolve – from a huge variety of single use sheds to sheds that are more like a fifth room with multiple uses for the owner, friends, and family.

“The sheds entered this year include some the best creations I have ever seen, so the 32 in the shortlist are the nation’s finest. Deciding who will take out top honour as the Shed of the Year 2017 will be tough, I love them all.”

Marianne Shillingford, Creative Director at Cuprinol said: “We’re really proud to sponsor Shed of the Year for the seventh time running. Yet again sheddies from across the UK have completely surprised us with their impressive craftsmanship, creativity, uniqueness, and inspired us with the interesting stories behind each of these creations.

“It’s clear that the humble garden shed is no longer just a space to store garden tools, as people view it more as an extension of their home. You only have to look at this shortlist to see the extensive range of uses for a shed that can be tweaked to perfectly fit the way you live your life.”

To view the full shortlist and place your vote before midday on June 2nd 2017 visit:



Engine House – owned by Kevin Francis in Hampshire Designed as an old-fashioned style fire station, The Engine House, is bursting with fire service memorabilia collected by owner Kevin for many years. Featuring a muster bay for firefighting uniforms, watch room, two workshops, seating bay and mess room, which is where Kevin brews his own fire service related beer served from a real fire station bar salvaged before it was demolished. The shed even features two beds and a fireman’s pole for quick descent to the bar! Link:

Tardis Shed – owned by Paul Foden in Tunstall Debatably a real product of the advanced technology of the Time Lords of hit series Doctor Who, this Tardis Shed is a seriously impressive console recreation. Step inside and the detail, lighting and theming will have you feeling it really has transported you to another point in time and space. Link:

Whisky HQ – owned by David Nicks in Devon Originally conceived as a retreat for the family to escape to on a Sunday night with a meal enjoyed with a wood burner and some board games, it has since formed a second purpose, a MENTAL meeting place. MENTAL, David’s whisky group which stands for ‘Malt Enthusiasts North Tawton And Lager’, meet regularly to talk nonsense whilst tasting and scoring different whiskeys. Features include the old back door of the local pub, a wellington bomber landing light, an old work bench as a table and a framed photo of Daphne Du Maurier’s father. Link:

Punch and Judy Shed – owned by Professor Queen Bee AKA Teresa Verney-Brookes in Reading As the name suggests, this shed is dedicated to popular Punch and Judy Show, the only one of its kind in the UK and maybe even the world! In summer, it is used to tour and perform the old classic as well as a Flea Circus Act while in winter it is used as handy storage of the characters. Owned by Teresa whose stage name is Professor Queen Bee, the shed is aptly painted in bee colours on the sides, however keeps the traditional red and white stripes at either end to maintain the authenticity of the show. Link:


Woodland Stargazer – owned by Annie Maclean in Fort William Based in the Ardgour which is known for its abundance of local wildlife and incredible dark skies, this shed is the perfect escape from the modern world. Sit back in the most comfortable recycled stag antler chairs, enjoy a cup of tea brewed on the log burning stove and watch the woodland wildlife all around. By night, make the most of no light pollution, and clear Highland Dark Skies, making it perfect for star gazing. Built with only sustainable materials, this off grid wee tower is hidden in the woodland by the owner’s cottage. Link:

Hobbit House – owned by Susan Price in Bristol Designed as a magical space overlooking the pond to share quality time with family and friends, The Hobbit House is a labour of love for Susan who in the early stages used the focus on creativity and fun of the build to help her through illness. Using as many local and reused materials as possible, this eco summer house shed made of wood, stone, cob and straw now has plenty of uses including the odd night’s sleep over for the grandchildren. Link:

Cork Studio – owned by Tom and Jo Hardy in Canonbury Balancing the line of eco and fully functioning workshop, Cork Studio is a London-based shed with all the environmentally friendly trimmings. From being carbon neutral to making the most of natural light, using a sedum roof to natural wood, this unique creation is used as a creative workspace for both music composition and textile art. Link:

The Sheep Shed – owned by Jane Foad in Aberdeenshire The Sheep Shed is a romantic bolthole bothy for couples to get away from the stress of everyday life. There is a luxurious king size bed on a mezzanine which has a star gazing window and benefits from fabulous views onto glorious countryside. There is a wood fired range for heating, tin water trough to bathe in, cooking facilities and solar panel for lighting. There is also a wood fired hot tub on the deck outside, known as the Sheep Dip! Their ethos is to encourage folk out of their busy technology filled manic everyday lives and to, slow down, relax, feel closer to nature, and rejuvenate! Link:


Pricklebums – owned by Ailie Hill in Ludlow A saving shed, Pricklebums is an old garden summerhouse that was renovated and converted into a hedgehog hospital, for housing sick, injured or orphaned hedgehogs during their treatment & rehabilitation process, prior to re-release into the wild. This little shed sanctuary is extremely small (roughly 2m square), but can house up to 22 sick hedgehogs. Link:

Cathedral Shed – owned by Father Julian Kent in Portsmouth This “shed” is the Priory Chapel of the Congregation of Brothers of the Merciful Love of God and also the Cathedral Church of the Bishop of the Ecumenical Catholic Church UK. Featuring an organ and the ‘Cathedra’ or throne, it hosts a daily Mass and Offices of the Church for up to 20 people. The Chapel was built as a garage with an access lane between the terraces, but was converted in 2012 using materials from local suppliers and contains a number of artefacts of historical interest, including a Rood Screen constructed from parts of the 19th century former organ case from New College, Oxford. Link:

Magic Shed – owned by Oliver Tabor in Essex Converted from an old farm outhouse, this shed has now transformed into magic studio filled with all types of tricks and unexplainable happenings. As a full time performing magician, Oliver has used the room for the past 20 years as his creative space to rehearse as well as a performance venue. Just outside you can also find an aviary housing live doves that are used as part of his shows. Link:

Railway Carriage – owned by Michael and Gloria Smith in Yorkshire A passionate railfan his whole life, an old Victorian railway carriage captivated Michael when he and his wife stumbled across it eight years ago. Now housed in an inconspicuous shed in his back garden, Michael restored the carriage by hand to give it a new lease of life. Featuring everything from period furniture to fine china sets and writing desks, this is a truly stunning step back in time. The shed itself also acts as a workshop and features a stunning view out to a lake. Link:


Mushroom House – owned by Ben Swanborough in Surrey After his 12-year-old daughter handed him £500 and asked him to build her a house in the shape of a mushroom, Ben didn’t ask any questions, instead he jumped right to it! The stem (downstairs) features a small desk area and steps up to the cap (top level). Once through the trap door, you enter a vintage inspired living area fit with stained glass windows, a glass floor to see the river below, a glass roof to see the stars, and a balcony. Link:

Rosewood Station – owned by Michael Long in Hertfordshire This summerhouse has been made to recreate the nostalgia of a country railway waiting room of the 1930s with the outside even featuring genuine railway tracks, GWR lamps, railway signs, homemade signals and a white picket fence. The inside is comfortably furnished with many genuine railway artefacts as well as railway inspired memorabilia. And to really add to the authenticity, it is fitted with steam train sound effects and station announcements played outside.


#GIRLSHED – owned by Emily Fisher in Bristol It’s bright, it’s colourful, it’s full of flamingos and it belongs to a mermaid! YouTuber, Mermaid Gossip, has created a colourful multipurpose summer workspace in the comfort of her back garden. With an internet connection and a comfortable sofa, Emily can sit and work on her laptop whilst looking out across Bristol. With a love for DIY, the shed also doubles as a place to store her DIY essentials and a space to create whatever her heart desires. Link:

Avoch – owned by Matthew Lynn in Peterborough Based around an old wooden sea scout board sourced from Avoch, Scotland, which is approximately 520 miles from where it is now, this shed is suitably nautically themed. Fit to sleep in, but purpose built to relax and have a good time with friends and family, Avoch is a seaside escape like non-other. Link:


Knockbrake Railroad – owned by Gordon Ross in Crosshill This shed features an immaculate large scale American Santa Fe model railroad collection which includes nine tracks for running trains into and out of the shed itself. Within the shed there is a full servicing area used to maintain the stock and locomotives. Multi-use sheds are all the craze, so this shed also works as a place for carpentry/joinery equipment, temporary accommodation during house renovations, extra storage, and housing Gordon’s prized motorcycle. Link:

The Pullman Shed – owned by Ted Dewan Originally belonging to Phillip Pullman who wrote ‘His Dark Trilogy’ within it, this shed was handed down to Ted, an author himself. There is a covenant associated with this shed. When he is done with it, it must be passed on freely to the next steward for the purposes of creative work – be it mathematics, masonry, painting, writing, sculpture, knitting or other. The shed is humble, with twee wallpaper on some of the walls, fitted with a factory metal window salvaged from a nearby factory, features former contents of a vintage optician’s office and an antique dentist chair for meditation. Link:

Team Unlimbited – owned by Stephen Davies in Swansea At first glance the shed, in a back garden in Swansea, doesn’t look remarkable. Step closer and you’ll hear the whirring of hard-working machines. Welcome to mission HQ of Team Unlimbited. After being born with one hand himself, Stephen noticed the huge number of children that had no access, poor choice, or that were unable to afford an artificial arm, and he knew he needed to do something about it. At Team Unlimbited, they design, print, build and deliver 3D printed hands and arms to children completely free, all in his spare time. This small space is lined with photos of children the design has helped from around the world – from Peru to Pakistan, Turkey to Brazil, and beyond. Link:

Glass Hut – owned by Serena Hall in Suffolk

This colourful little shed is a celebration of the joy of childhood and the British Seaside. It has been handmade in wood and glass and each individual piece has been decorated by hand, using techniques such as silk screen printing and glass fusing. The designs have all been inspired by Serena’s own letters, photographs, and imagery from her childhood which come together as a perfect personal space to sit in and reflect on her childhood and her parents. Link:


Tiny House – owned by Chris Law and Julie Ann Marchant in Cambridgeshire Tiny in size, but huge in impact, this shed has now become the full-time home for Julie and Chris. Made by crafty DIY’er Chris, the shed features an upstairs where they sleep, a toilet and shower, fitted kitchen, dining table, chairs and pull out sofa which slides out to make a double bed. Yes, all that in this tiny shed. There’s also a veranda where two people can sit and enjoy the great outdoors. Link:

Mini Manor – owned by Sonia Walker in Northants Made by her husband as a 50th birthday present, the Mini Manor has been a blessing for Sonia. Used mainly as an escape from every day stresses, the she-shed has enabled her to relax, unwind and recharge as and when needed. The interiors are elegantly filled with traditional British homewares and furniture including a luscious armchair, father clock and set off by a fireplace. Link:

The Pear Hut – owned by Pam Thompson in Worcestershire An example of upcycling at its best, The Pear Hut has been built from sections of an unwanted and discarded shed whose roof had completely rotted. The humble interiors feature homely chairs and a bookcase full of RHS journals and a little writing desk perfect for a little work or creative tasks. And the name you wonder? The gardens of this shed sit in a cider apple orchard in the green and rolling countryside of Worcestershire, England. Link:

Doog’s Shack – owned by David Oliver in Wiltshire Built entirely from discarded material around the family’s farmyard and built with little further investment, this studded wooden structure is used by David and his son to manufacture wooden items from trees cut down in their tree surgery and forestry business. It is also used as a place for David to impart his woodworking knowledge on his son and spend quality time together. It also has a raised platform where he can sleep in the summer, if he wants! Link:


Letsby Avenue Police Station – owned by Barry Anscomb-Moon in Cambridgeshire Built onto a trailer, Letsby Avenue is a 1940s Civilian Police Station Living History display which tours around the UK to 1940s events and Police open days. Simply tow between events, add the skirts, porch, steps and other external features, then step back in time to a wartime police station. The public can come inside to learn all about policing during World War Two and to see the equipment, posters and paperwork relevant to policing during that period whilst hearing wartime radio broadcasts. They also work with other re-enactors to perform scenarios such as air raids. Link:

Lagonda Shed – owned by Tim Kerridge Tim’s passion for old cars stems from his childhood where his father used to take him to school in his 1932 supercharged Lagonda. During the 1960s, Tim’s father decided that he wanted to race turned a 1934 Lagonda Rapier into a competition special. After inheriting the spare Lagona, Tim began building his own competition special which now lives in his shed. Still used as a genuine workshop, it is also a nostalgic garage full of automobile memorabilia retaining a pre-war classic style. Link:

Museum of Knots & Sailors’ Ropework – owned by Des Pawson in Suffolk This niche shed was purpose built 20 years ago as a museum to display the sheddie’s extensive and unique collection of knots and ropework. Curated from all over the world, you will find fisherman knots to endless slings, granny knots to grommets, which come together to create an interesting rope village. Link:

Walberswick Ferry Hut – owned by Dani Church in Suffolk Established in 1236 as a rowing boat service across the River Blyth from Southwold to Walberswick in Suffolk, Dani is the fifth generation of her family to run and maintain the service. The simple shed filled with everything you need for the service, as well as a rest spot for Dani, is set on stilts so that it doesn’t flood with the tides. The wooden rowing boats are based on the Suffolk punt design and carry up to 12 passengers at a time. Link:


ABC Cinema – owned by Anderson James in Staffordshire Taking you back to film viewing of 70’s and 80s in ABC cinemas, this shed is fit with original seats, old exit signs, poster display boards, ticket booth and vintage cinema doors all collected from shut down cinemas over the past 30 years. It is also set up with a 35mm projector to allow viewing of old trailers and adverts from years past. As a working museum, up to 34 people can watch films, play Xbox, listen to music, and enjoy sweets and popcorn. Link:

Garage Simulator – owned by Captain Mark Lowen in Bedfordshire Few people can say they have a real-life flight simulator in their garden. But that’s exactly what Captain Mark can say after extending his garage to accommodate a commercial Boeing 737 flight simulator. If not used personally or by the family, it is run for flight experiences from novice to qualified pilots. Link:

Bunker Shed – owned by Colin Furze in Lincolnshire The ultimate iceberg in the shed world, this DIY extravaganza features a very practical shed at ground level, storing garden tools and family bikes. But it has a secret. Under some lovely rugs is a secret entrance to an underground bunker, also known as a man cave. The ultimate hide away room has everything a man could want including Sky TV, PlayStation, drum kit and band practice area. This shed also acts as an actual bunker as it is built with a metre of concrete around it. Link:

Didcot Transfer Shed – owned by Richard Orchard in Oxfordshire Dating back to Brunel’s broad gauge railway of the 1850’s, this sensational shed has a central platform, with a standard gauge line on one side and a broad gauge on the other. Originally alongside the London to Bristol mainline, it now has a main purpose of showing visitors what rail journeys were like back in the 1840s/1850s and features numerous replica carriages. Link:


By Andrew Wilcox

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