Amazing art studio shed in beautiful Fife countryside

Last year Sheddie Peter McLaren from Fife entered his Pool hoose Eco shed and even got to the final of Shed of the year

So it’s great that for Shed of the year 2015 – he has added a new shed and what a beautiful example of a build in a stunning location.

Peter who is an artist has entered his Studio shed this year

I’m a serial cabin, folly and woodpile builder. I’ve restored an Orcadian croft, Edinburgh New Town apartments and Victorian conservatories,

I’ve also rebuilt a vintage car and tractor. In 2011 I rode my bicycle 4300 miles across America.

Photo : Mat Hay
Photo by Mat Hay


I wanted to build a space where I could enjoy a plein air light experience indoors.

The roof on the south-facing side has two translucent full-length roof panels.

5190-99694A3C-C055-B7A9-356F16D8455B733A-4A lot of the interior light is diffused through them.

The only time I have had trouble with the glare is when the winter sun sets low over the horizon in the west.

At the day’s end, I’m happy to put down my brushes and just absorb its changing colors.

The thing I enjoy most about the studio is how it evolved out of its surroundings and how it has mellowed back into them. I value the changing light the seasons bring.

Working within a building which promotes this variety is like adding a hundred new colors to your palette.






Last years finalist POOL HOOSE

The Pool Hoose has been made entirely from recycled materials including telegraph poles, scaffolding battens, timber, roofing tin, and glass. Used as a studio, the shed links together the view between two pools and is furnished to accommodate passing touring cyclists.

Pool Hoose, Eco Shed from Kirkcaldy, Fife #shedoftheyear Pool Hoose, Eco Shed from Kirkcaldy, Fife #shedoftheyear Pool Hoose, Eco Shed from Kirkcaldy, Fife #shedoftheyear

A rose got out of hand and needed     severe pruning. It revealed  ‘unseen’     space between a high wall and a pool.     We wanted to build something upon   which   we could see over the wall and   into the   pool. We had no plans, and   only the   basic materials. No glass at   the   outset. This would be organic  building.

By Andrew Wilcox

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