$200 for an eco shed with a dome – you bet your shed

All been quite on the shed front for a while – but then this one was added to readersheds and it inspired me to post this blog – and I think it would even inspire new shed of the year judge George Clarke.

Earthen Tiny Home Dome built by Jeffrey its been around a while but nice of him to share it on readersheds.

Earthen Tiny Home Dome

The shed was made from reclaimed materials, timber milled on site, and mud.

The total cost for the build was roughly $200.

The geodesic dome is constructed from pallet wood with a 5 sided cedar shingle roof added on top.

The dome surface was created by wrapping green vine maple, harvested from the forest, around the outside to create a lathe. Then an earth/lime plaster was applied. The inside of the dome was first covered with reclaimed peg board, and then earthen plastered.

Eco shed

The dome is insulated with a mixture of reclaimed rigid foam, sheep wool & ‘slip chip’ (which is a mixture of wood shavings and clay slip)

You can view more photos on the shed page.

By Andrew Wilcox

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