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How did your Garden Office do in Shed of the year 2013?

The Winner of Shed of the year 2013 will be announced on Thursday 4th July on here – which one of these beauties do you think would win … you will have to wait 🙂

If it was not for you sheddies then there would be no website and then no competition.

So here are the Top Ten(8 in Garden Office ) sheds in the Garden Office Category as voted by the public the other month – I will post a few category a day as don’t want you having to read massive posts > Normal Sheds Post is here > Eco Sheds Post is here.

Garden Office

The Nest Design Studio
The Nest Design Studio - Jonathan Sullivan
Jonathan Sullivan – Garden

Bostin Betty
Bostin Betty - Paula
Paula – Landlocked in Birmingham

Cross Keys Signal Box
Cross Keys Signal Box - John Dukes
John Dukes – Cross Keys

Seb’s Office
Seb's Office - Henry Posner
Henry Posner – Windsor

One Grand Designs Shed
One Grand Designs Shed - Dominic Jones
Dominic Jones – Liverpool, UK

The Plotting Shed (aka Grumpy’s Palace)
The Plotting Shed (aka Grumpy's Palace) - Debs Carr
Debs Carr – Jersey

Pat’s Cabin
Pat's Cabin - Pat McKenna

Pat McKenna – Semi-Rural Garden

Creative Hitman’s Shed Office
Creative Hitman's Shed Office - Scott Morris
Scott Morris – Garden


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