Would you be happy letting strangers sleep in your shed let along camp in your garden?

After the post from that other shed blog about a lady renting out her shed for the olympics.

Would any of you do anything like this? the reason Iam asking is that I was shown this link today – campinmygarden.com

Campinmygarden.com is the first and only website advertising private gardens as micro-campsites; providing accessible, affordable and fun alternatives to traditional accommodation around the world.

Whether you are looking for a break at home or abroad, in the country or in a city, near an event or as far away as you can get from any events… our garden owners are waiting to welcome you.

an interesting concept – but would it work for sheds – i.e. come and potter in my shed for an hour, or sleep in my hammock or tinker with my sonic screwdriver or even shiver your timbers.

anyway good luck to them you can follow them on twitter to find out how it’s going.

By Andrew Wilcox

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