My Sheddie : Shed of the year winner 2012 John Henry Plumridge

I could not do a new mysheddie without asking this years Shed of the year winner John!

Sheddies name

John Henry Plumridge

Shed name


Woodhenge  - John[ Henry] Plumridge

Selfbuild or off the shelf shed?

“Woodhenge-Pub Shed-selfbuild
Summerhouse-Off the shelf
Diy shed-Off the shelf
Potting shed-off the shelf
Junk shed-Off the shelf”

Why have you got a shed? uses etc

Pub shed is a great party venue, others are great for all the other things you need a shed for, sunbeds/loungers, cushions for garden benches & chairs,party tents,canopies,lighting,lanterns and all the things you put away in the winter.

Diy shed,tools vices fixtures & fittings hammer & nails,screws nuts &bolts,electrics,plumbing,paints,stains,dye’s,preservers etc!(cuprinol of course) potting shed for gardening tools,lawnmower,hedgetrimmer,pots,string,wire,gloves,pruners etc!

Junk shed is for anything not mentioned above.

How would you describe your shed?

WOW !!!!

Who are your Shed inspirations

All the sheddies on readersheds, There are lots of great sheds,something for everyone,sizes,shapes,colours you name it its there somewhere, and I hope my shed is now part of the ever increasing family,and that its also an inspiration for others to follow.

Future Shed plans

Still got plans to add to it – things around the outside have been planned for a long time, ponds, planters, bird boxes, dovecott, gables over doorways etc.It’ll probably be another 4 years til i get that done and then there’ll be something else, but i love it.

How did you find out about our community

Couple of years ago was an article in the local paper, I was thinking of entering last year but i just was n’t ready but boy am i glad i did, the whole thing has been a whirlwind.

What word or words would you use to sum up Sheds

Peace & quiet


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By Andrew Wilcox

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