My Sheddie: Jess Contomichalos and Ant’s Pad

Sheddies name

Jess Contomichalos – Twitter : thatsyummymummy

Shed name

Ant’s Pad

Selfbuild or off the shelf shed?

This was an off the shelf at Focus shed – bought it about 5 years ago – it was a bit of a sad thing at the end of the garden….

Why have you got a shed? uses etc

“Originally bought to create a little summerhouse type space for my two older boys when they were 10 and 7…it never really worked properly although Pavlos my eldest did have an 8 boy sleepover in it!! Which was a real achievement and I still don’t know how they all fit in! Then, it ran to ruin until my new little boy Antonis spotted it and asked me if we could make it his house – so we cleared it out, repainted it (with cuprinol would you believe) and we installed an Ikea kitchen and some rhinoflor and made it into a bit of a beach hut/diner!

How would you describe your shed?

The shed is a bit of Brighton beach hut with a 50’s diner floor….it is a lovingly restored little area for Antonis – we bought him and Ikea kitchen and table and chairs and put up some Ikea curtains using doweling for a curtain pole and cup hooks as brackets – everything about it makes me smile – especially the words ANT’S PAD on the wall – I do really love it…….because it belongs to dear little Ant.


Who are your Shed inspirations

Some of you may or may not know about a man called Gray Joliffe – he was responsible for the very funny Wicked Willy cartoon and Jolly Giraffe…..I was great friends with his daughter and at his gorgeous retreat near Henley he has built a number of fabulous sheds with different themes – one is a Buddhist prayer room, another is his office, one is a gazebo and then there is another fabulous one that has the doors from the set Sleepy Hollow attached to it with tibetan flags hanging around it – I was awe-struck by this collection of mini houses and always wanted to create my own!

Future Shed plans

Next year the ‘pad’ will need a real update as Ant is getting too big for a play kitchen – we intend to deck it out with a sofa, shelves, mini fridge and a laptop – I guess it will be more of a pad in some respects – somewhere Ant can go and ‘hang out’ with his friends!

How did you find out about our community

What word or words would you use to sum up Sheds

unique – great british tradition

Ant’s Pad was used recently on the Laura Ashley blog




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