Brilliant shed like tents – Men only from fieldcandy

Not sure about men only as our lady sheddies would be allowed in these amazing tents anytime 😉

There are some sacred places in the world. But for a man, nowhere more so than his shed. A sanctuary, an escape where he can leave things how he wants, without fear of being nagged. Men, this is your tent, do with it as you please.

They look brilliant.

They also seem to be getting a celeb following (after they appeared at the Grammy awards in LA!) first shed like structure at an awards ceremony?

so grab one for Shed Week before they are all sold out 🙂

The source photo was a real shed – they say “The photographs used to design and print Men Only were commissioned by FieldCandy, and feature a shed on an allotment near Bournemouth UK”

They also do other odd colours and patterns as you can see in this video

thanks to thedigissue for the tip off

By Andrew Wilcox

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