Shed Judge : National Shed week and Shed of the year would not be the same without that Shedworking bloke

Like a well worn woolly jumper or a well thumbed paperback there is something comfortably and reassuring about this official announcement.

I welcome the nice boy of sheds Alex Johnson to his 6th year as a judge for the worlds greatest Shed based competition – Shed of the year 2012

“Alex Johnson is the editor/publisher of Shedworking, the daily updated lifestyle guide for shedworkers and author of Shedworking: The Alternative Workplace Revolution. His new book Bookshelf (based on the blog of the same name) will be published by Thames & Hudson in February 2012.”

Alex joins Sarah Beeny , Neil Gaiman, Shed of the year 2011 Winner Jon Earl and me – uncle wilco to a team that has the hardest job in the shed world.

If you think you can dazzle us with your amazing shed, then why not share your shed over at readersheds and join the other great sheds entered already.

Entry will be open until May 2012 (TBC) where the sheds will go to a public vote before the judging panel

Announcement about a big money prize from a household name sponsor plus great runner up prizes coming after Christmas 🙂

If you add your shed you will have some great company as the previous winners are sheddies that cover the wide spectrum of shedism.

Shed of the year 2011

Songs from the shed

songs from the shed - Jon Earl

Shed of the year 2010

More info about the Lady Sarah.

Shed of the year 2009

Kite Cabin

Kite Cabin - Steven Harwood
Steven Harwood
Top of the Garden, West

Shed of the year 2008

the rugby pub

the rugby pub - tim

Shed of the year 2007

The Roman Temple

The Roman Temple - Tony
Berkshire U.K.



By Andrew Wilcox

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