Some new Sheddies on the plot – All entries for Shed of the year 2012

Yes I know you know that the Official Shed of the year competition 2012 is open for entry but just take look some great sheddies that have recently added their sheds – all from various categories like the Garden Office and Normal sheds – not just the every popular Pub Shed category.

I Welcome these new sheddies and just remind you that if you add your shed – you need to add a minimum of Two photos (internal and external)

Entry will be open deep into next year and I will be having some news early in the new year about a main sponsor who will be providing a great prize for the winner of Shed of the year, which after the public vote – will be decided on by Sarah Beeny , Neil Gaiman, Alex from shedworking, Shed of the year 2011 Winner Jon Earl and me

So sheddie make your plans for 2012 and I hope to see your shed very soon, Why not ask some questions on out Shed Forum or leave a comment



S’head Office

S'head Office - Ian Owen
Ian Owen
Bottom of Garden – Stafford

Brand New Shed

Brand New Shed - DMB

The Shed Of Two Halves

The Shed Of Two Halves - Peter Hisgrove
Peter Hisgrove
Norwich, England

The Garden Room

The Garden Room - Maria McCarthy
Maria McCarthy
End of garden, Kent

Rachel Green

Rachel Green - Rachel Green
Rachel Green
Chesterfield UK

Peter’s Shed

Peter's Shed - Peter O
Peter O
A Devon Garden

Rollzart yellow art studio

Rollzart yellow art studio - Rowland Glaysher
Rowland Glaysher
cowes Isle of wight


The Frog & Toad

The Frog & Toad - Graham Alland
Graham Alland
Portchester Hants




the jockey

the jockey - ian gibson
ian gibson
st helens

By Andrew Wilcox

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