What difference does 4 inches make – in the shed world that is?

Had this interesting email from Waltons – saying their sheds are

“Taller, Stronger and Better value than the competition. On average 4 inches taller and with floors included as standard across the range or sheds are better built AND better value.”

I did some digging ok I sent an email and got this reply.

“With regards to having some statistical evidence, it is more anecdotal. Sheds with floors will always be stronger, as the panels as fixed on all 4 sides rather than 3. There is also a reduced risk of water damage as the sides are not in direct contact with the ground. These facts are in relation to garden XXXXX  and their products. Our sheds also give you greater headroom as the eaves height is greater”

XXXXX is my replacement as don’t want to start a Shed FIGHT.

So If you are buying one of their shed then get the tape measure out and let me know 😉

They are also launched a shed range for the less DIY inclined like myself.

Waltons Groundsman EasyFit Wooden Garden Sheds

We listened to our customers who weren’t so comfortable with DIY and found a new way of building a garden shed.
The Easy Fit Shed comes with pre-assembled timber panels, pre-hung windows and doors for ease of installation.

The easy to follow instructions make putting this garden building together quick and simple. Previously, roofing felt would have to be laid and fixed. This long process involves measuring, cutting, laying, capping and clipping. It is often one of the biggest jobs when installing a garden shed. With the Easy Fit Shed, no roofing felt is required as bitumen coated boards are used instead. These boards can be slotted and screwed into place in ten minutes, safely and with minimal effort.

Coated boards also have a 10 year guarantee and being much easier to install than felt, is less likely to be neglected.The doors come equipped with lock and key so that you can lock away your possessions when you’re not around.
From £379.95

By Andrew Wilcox

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