I must be getting old I want a posh shed!

While looking at flickr for sheds (as you do) I came across these from the Posh Shed company – I have not heard of them before but I bet Alex has.

There claims is valid for off the shelf, but you sheddies always pimp your sheds to be unique to you anyway…

When you are just looking for garden storage space to put the garden tools and a bike, there are hundreds of sheds available: but they all look the same. At The Posh Shed Company we have applied all our experience to come up with a range of high quality wooden garden sheds that will stay dry inside, will be secure and above all, look good.

anyway I think they are great but out of my price range but when Iam older and greyer maybe someone will buy me one so I can run my small shed empire from it at the bottom of the garden – shedworking I think they call it.

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By Andrew Wilcox

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