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Another overpriced shed by the sea at Eype beach £200,000 to you sheddie

The Daily Mail ‘reported‘ yesterday.

Thanks to for the photo
Thanks to for the photo

The estate agents admit that this ramshackle beach hut is in ‘need of modernisation’ – but it hasn’t stopped it being placed on the market with an amazing £200,000 price tag.

The one-bed chalet looks little more than a glorified garden shed with its faded timber walls and patched-up felt roof.

There is barely room to swing a cat, the interior needs ‘general improvement and updating’ and there’s even a car park that has to be crossed to get to the beach.

Yet, because of its stunning location at the heart of Britain’s World Heritage Jurassic Coast, the simple beach hut is expected to be in huge demand.

The Green House is one of 15 similar properties in a privately-owned grassy field overlooking Eype beach, near Bridport.

By Andrew Wilcox

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