Bafta, Noble & Darwin stand aside it’s the Shedworking awards

Shed of the year judge and shedworking mastermind Alex, has come up with his first annual Shedworking Awards

The most surprising thing is that I get an award and I feel a bit odd about it…

Lifetime achievement award – It’s impossible to overestimate how much Uncle Wilco has done to popularise back garden microarchitecture, in particular in the UK but increasingly across the entire planet. Shed of the Year is now a major event covered by the world’s media and continues to move onwards and upwards, not forgetting the Flickr site too. And he’s a decent chap. Take a bow.

So here’s my virtual acceptance speech that can be written to the internet to embarrass me in 5 years time.

I was totally blind sided by this

Yes I love sheds, yes I run Shed of the year, but it’s great for my ego that someone has noticed (even if it’s Alex who is a judge and loves posh sheds) but anyway….

What started as an minor obsession for me (ten years ago) has turned into something that takes over my 5to9 life (thanks mrsuw for letting me do my shedthing) but every year if one persons want’s to Share their shed then my time/effort is worth it.

The biggest thanks goes of coruse to the Sheddies as readersheds and shed of the year would be nothing without you, it’s your sheds and your enthusiasm that keeps me doing this (some would say odd) thing.

Big thanks to Shed judge Sarah Beeny who has stayed with us since the start and to all the future sheddies who Iam sure really want to share their sheds now they know they can win £1000 (thanks cuprinol)

So to spoil your Christmas lunch/dinner/tea here’s a photo of the good and bad boy of sheds

I am the one on the right in this chance meeting the other year (thank San for the photo)

Alex Johnson and Uncle Wilco

I do miss that green jumper and yes it was coffee in the mug (it was even too early for Alex)

By Andrew Wilcox

I love sheds Founder & judge of Shed of the year - Wilco writes mainly about sheds. About the blog Enter your shed into #shedoftheyear