Swedish TARDIS – A work in progress

Swedish sheddie ydrolina has Shared their unique TARDIS shed hope they finish in time and they don’t freeze pah us UK sheddies would have given up when the first snow fell πŸ˜‰

Swedish Tardis - ydrolina
Stockholm, Varmdo, Sweden

The nothernest Tardis on earth ? Maybe…. We had a water well that needed protection against the cold winters of Scandinavia.

What could protect our pump and hydropress better than a Tardis ? So we started building one. Unfortunatly the outside temperature dropped quickly, so we were in a hurry to shed the well from the cold. The Tardis took therefore a slightly lower size than planned.

But as it stands on a small hilll, this might pass unnoticed. Hopefully. Snow came, so the project is delayed. Meanwhile weΒ΄re toying with Tardis details, awaiting spring and the final steps.

You can follow the build here

By Andrew Wilcox

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