Shed blast from the past: Distillery, TARDIS, Taj & Isolation Ward

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Sometimes its hard to profile lots of the great sheds on as most people see the latest sheds (any ideas on different displays welcome)

So here are a selection of Sheds that were added in the past but of course all previous sheds added to the site (apart from winners) are automatically entered for Shed of the year 2011.

Isolation Ward

Isolation Ward - Ian Lucraft
Ian Lucraft

Kiplin’s Gaming Shed

Kiplin's Gaming Shed - Daniel Jenkins
Daniel Jenkins
Bottom of Garden

The Pip

The Pip - Laura
Northland, New Zealand

Av’s Studio

Av's Studio - Avryl


Jenny, Euan and Jeremy


The Taj

The Taj - Old Col
Old Col


TARDIS - Stuart Mantle
Stuart Mantle
Farnham, Surrey

The Black Dog Distillery

The Black Dog Distillery - Chris
Northern Ireland

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