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A wonderful shed on our Just Sheds flickr group – another arty thing, but it just goes to show that sheds can span the whole creative world – from down your garden to the best art gallerys.

Partially Tilted Shed: Buster Graybill

buster graybill explains.

This was a work of installation art.The air pressure and strategically placed inner tubes raised one side of the 24×16 foot portable building three feet off the ground.

Inside I had photographs of similar projects using the inner tubes hanging on the walls. When people went in the shed to observe the photographs, the viewers were forced to adapt to the disorienting terrain of the cock-eyed gallery space.

This physical displacement of both the building and the viewer created an immediate physical understanding of the scale, volume, and power of the inner tubes represented in the 2- dimensional photographs hanging on the slanted walls.

By Andrew Wilcox

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