My Sheddie : Steve Knight Colne Valley Postal History Museum

Sheddies name

Steve Knight

Shed name

Colne Valley Postal History Museum

Selfbuild or off the shelf shed?

8 x 8 ft Off the shelf from Anglian Sheds at Marks Tey – very reasonable. Had to be brought in over the neighbour’s wall in sections and then put together. Fully insulated and lined out with ply, carpeted with full power and telecoms links (as you’d expect from a Post Office!).

Why have you got a shed? uses etc

The Postal collection started life in an old outside loo, bur soon out grew that, necissitating the purchase of a shed. With the collection still a growing, a second shed is now in prospect!

How would you describe your shed?

“Striving to be a real Museum even though it’s hidden awayt in a suburban garden in Essex. One day the shed (or sheds) will fly to a new location where more people can see them.

Until then it’s my own oasis of tranquility, full of things that need fixing, where I can sit and ponder the workings of the detent escapement mechanism in a 1930’s stamp vending machine and wonder in awe at how any society of whatever complexity could produce something so intricate, so manifestly well designed, functional, ergonomic and with an econnomy of embellishements, just to sell you a stamp at the wayside….”

Future Shed plans

Either add another shed of a similar size (56sq ft) or buy the land at the bottom of the garden and put in a 40ft x 10ft monster shed!

What word would you use to sum up Sheds

In the absence of Castles, Sheds will do for most Englishmen.
(Wilco note or Welshmen ;))

By Andrew Wilcox

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