Michael Thompson – Rammed Earth Eco Shed building

You would of course remember sheddie Thommo he of the Rammed Earth eco shed from 2009.

Well not only is he a smart green sheddie he has shared his passion with the world and produced an E-Book about creating rammed earth building, he also runs courses so you can build your own.

What is rammed earth I hear you ask – well Rammed earth is the process of compacting dirt to form walls this is what Michael says about his project

When I first stumbled upon rammed earth, I was no eco warrior. The most I ever did to
save the planet was recycle my empty beer cans. But building with earth turns out to be a
very sustainable thing to do.

The rammed earth method is a very clean process that produces smooth, solid walls that
are plenty strong enough to fit windows and hang doors in the same way as today’s
modern buildings. I decided to regard it as a challenge, a test of character, a chance to
avoid the heavy cost to the environment of building with bricks; but most of all, I realised
that it was going to be dirt cheap.

You can Find out for of this style of building over at his website and maybe next years eco shed will be made this way?

By Andrew Wilcox

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