Song Sheddies Elena Thomas & Dan Whitehouse

You may remember sheddie Elena Thomas, she of the fabric covered sheds, well know she has her own and it’s not just being used for art type things, its used as a performance space.

Song Shed

Song Shed - Elena Thomas (and Dan Whitehouse)

Elena says…

I had covered a few sheds, and was having fun with them, and the people I met while doing them. The response to them was very positive, and I was motivated to do lots more (I still am). Then through a series of accidental happenings and coincidences, I met Dan Whitehouse. He was keen to use the sheds as a backdrop to his performance. Then we came up with another idea, to use the shed itself as a performance space. Previously I had only been concerned with the exterior appearance, and now I am thinking about the interiors, and function.

I drew a picture of the perfect song shed, and we rashly ordered it. It took about a week to cover it ready for the exhibition (Life and Other Art 2010, Oldswinford Life Drawing Group and the Rebellious Quilters). But as I worked inside it I was very worried it would be an acoustic disaster and would swallow up the sound and no one would hear a thing! Interesting from the artist point of view, but if Dan the musician was worried, he hid it well!

Thankfully it was a huge success – as a member of the audience it was great. It provided an intimate atmosphere, shelter from the odd shower, and was a real focus for the exhibition, drawing people in to see what was going on. A shed is a familiar item; people are comfortable with sheds, even when they ask questions about why I’ve covered it in fabric.

Collaborating with Dan has opened my eyes to a whole new world of big ideas – music, film-making, drama, poetry – all taking place inside my little shed.

Dan says…

Sheds are the new rock n roll.

No smoke, no mirrors, just songs in a shed.

Over recent years ‘the marketing men’ have really got their claws into our concert halls and theatres…so the shed seemed like a natural retreat.

I write songs about family life, friendships, love, loss and other ordinary things. I thought a concert in a shed might attract the right sort of audience for my songs, and I think it did.

Sheds are where people go to escape, make things, fix things, have a rummage around and make a mess…all comparable to my music making techniques!

I am sure if our musical shed could speak she would be very pleased at being dressed up for her big day by Elena, and if the recycled clothes that form the décor had a voice they would be very happy to have been given a new lease of life.

Good luck to them in their musical sheddies ways, and Elena asks about whats the best way to make their shed mobile – add wheels or put it on a trailer  any sheddies have any ideas?

By Andrew Wilcox

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