After you have been digging – get voting allotment sheddies

There is not a category for Allotment sheds on, as I feel each sheddie on each allotment has a different sort of shed.

So here are a great examples of the humble and not so humble allotment shed, so get voting for these and all the other sheddies.

Dad’s Den

Dad's Den - Pete Windridge-France
Pete Windridge-France
Horsforth Allotment

Plot 34 gardening combo

Plot 34 gardening combo - Janet Edmondson
Janet Edmondson
Lancaster, UK, Allotment

Allotment #65

Allotment #65 - Ian
Hoylake Allotments

The rearsby retreat

The rearsby retreat - Mick & bob
Mick & bob
Reasrby Leicestershire

Allotment Winery

Allotment Winery - Rob
Allotment Vineyard

The Allotment Arms

The Allotment Arms - Steve Pittaway
Steve Pittaway
stanton suffolk

The Pallet

The Pallet - Andy Barrett
Andy Barrett

Chez Lottie

Chez Lottie - Maggie Jones
Maggie Jones
Allotment London

No 21

No 21 - Brendan  Fitzgerald
Brendan Fitzgerald


Pondarossa - Jane Foster
Jane Foster
Thames Ditton, Surrey

Vratch Heights

Vratch Heights - Stan & Christine
Stan & Christine
Springburn Allotments, Glasgow


No.10 - Louise Craven
Louise Craven
N London allotment

My Allotment Shed

My Allotment Shed - Tony
Tenantry Down Allotments

By Andrew Wilcox

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