Porch Shed Design competition winners announced

John over at Secrets of shed build has announced the winners of his unique Porch shed competition, the judges judge Alex from shedworking was on the panel.

My favorite was the

Julian Grobe
(Buenos Aires, CF, Argentina)

Natural light is the essence of this shed. It’s manipulated in various ways as it passes through layers of tree branches, glass and translucent panels. Layers generate textures with shadows and ambient light.

The outer skin is made from tree branches mounted on a wooden frame, separated from the inner panels. This skin gives privacy but primarily it gives the aesthetical concern of giving a treatment to light, and a highly textured natural facade.

Unpolished wooden surfaces and translucent glass add to the intention of a place for relaxation with soft and diffused light. The rustic surfaces and branched skin with the river rocks exterior flooring tries to make a modern and natural style.

By Andrew Wilcox

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