Sheddies how about an authentic Bletchley Park Hut 6 Door Handle to open your shed?

Look the doorhandle
Look the doorhandle

As you know Bletchley Park is our charity for Shed Week 2010 and we will be running a charity auction (in the run up to Shed Week 5th July 2010) with all the funds going to Bletchley Park, we have items from Sarah Beeny, Duncan Jones (of Moon), shed judge Alex and the god father of Men and Sheds, Gordon Thorburn.

But the lovely lot over at Bletchley Park have also given something special- a piece of history that money can’t buy (oh yes it can now!), an internal door handle from the famous and inspiration Hut6.

Authentic Hut 6 Interior Door Handle for the auction. Steeped in history – imagine the hands that would have touched this!

I bet any sheddie/history buff would love to have the handle from the home of the Enigma on their shed, so keep an eye on shedblog to find out when the auction starts and bid bid bid for #bpark

Hut 6 was a wartime section of Bletchley Park tasked with the solution of German Army and Air Force Enigma machine ciphers. Hut 8, by contrast, attacked Naval Enigma. Hut 6 was established at the initiative of Gordon Welchman, and was run initially by Welchman and fellow Cambridge mathematician John Jeffreys.

Welchman’s deputy, Stuart Milner-Barry, succeeded Welchman as head of Hut 6 in September 1943, at which point over 450 people were working in the section

Hut 6 was partnered with Hut 3, which handled the translation and intelligence analysis of the raw decrypts provided by Hut 6.

By Andrew Wilcox

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