Remember that Shed covered in sequins? Well its now on show

You may have remembers the call out from Sarah McManus ages ago, she was after a shed and a shedload of sequins to cover the shed, it was for art or something, well she has finished the shed and it’s on show in Swansea.

Sarah kindly invited me to the opening but I was unable to go.. but what a sight it must have been

It took 600,000 sequins and a lot of Yacht Varnish to pull it off.

Took just over a month to do and i did the final finishing touches with a pair of tweezers sticking them on one by one. took about 6 hours!

It is up for sale If anyone is interested (twitter)but with the provision that I can exhibit it abit first

Figure 23
Swansea Metropolitan University
Fine art Degree show
24th-28th May
open 10am-4pm

By Andrew Wilcox

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