Just Sheds : Hiding place not just sheds :)

Alison Fisher has a great set of photos added to our Just Sheds flickr group

Hiding Place - in the shed

The hiding place set is a portfolio i’ve put together for my photography night class (City & Guilds qualification).

I’ve been really inspired by some conceptual photography and I wanted to put together a set of images that had a strong theme. I also, wanted to use off-camera flash as I really like the strobist style.

I’ve used my friends in the pictures and I hope it captures both their adult beauty and childlike sense of fun.

The shed in this specific picture was a really fun location because of it’s odd size. My friend’s dress reminded me of Alice in Wonderland’s blue dress and so putting her in the mini-shed reminded me of the scene where she eats the cake and grows too large for the house.

Some of the other great photos of hiding places in the set


By Andrew Wilcox

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