Random shed of the week : Tardis Flagship, South Wales

My English sheddies I did not mean to pick a Welsh shed this week on St George’s Day, but it does have flags!, it was Random.

Tardis Flagship

Tardis Flagship - RonS

South Wales

Appears to be four-sided but in fact is five- sided making it bigger on the inside than it looks. Hence the name TARDIS. The inside is lined with flags from very many countries of the world. Hence the name TARDIS- FLAGSHIP!!! It has become a ‘talking- point’ and friends, family, neighbours, etc. bring back flags whenever they are on holiday. This is where our BBQ’s normally finish off with a challenge to locate flags with the appropriate country. Becomes very interesting after a few beers!!!

Built from half round timbers to give it a log- cabin appearance. As I mentioned previously it has five sides.

By Andrew Wilcox

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