Dear BBC is this a way to introduce the new Dr Who Matt Smith – Shed Abuse

They say Points of view has some nutters who complain so here’s mine I sent.

I thought I had calmed down from last nights Dr Who. but looks like I have not.

The new Show with the new Dr and the New assistant and the new TARDIS, started on a low point with the destruction of a garden shed by the time lords shed like machine.

thankfully the shed was rebuilt later on in the show and the Dr had a smell of the wood preserver.. so the shed universe was now at one.

I look forward to the future episodes and maybe you with feature TARDIS sheds, just like the ones produced by our sheddies. 🙂

of course Iam posting this in jest – but I was a bit shocked, but Iam sure I will get over it 😉

By Andrew Wilcox

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