The Other Flower Show at the V&A from 2004 – Tracey Emin Shed

Some great shots of the The Other Flower Show at the Victoria and Albert Museum from 2004 have been added to their Flickr Stream.

Sarah Staton - Swiss Cheese Shed

Tracey Emin - Something For The Children shed

The Other Flower Show at the V&A in 2004 brought together a group of contemporary artists and designers who were invited to transform a garden shed into a creative and conceptual alternative to the traditional flower show.

There is something quintessentially English about a garden shed. It implies far more than simple garden storage: shelter at a rainy garden party, an enthusiast’s workshop, a place for retreat, or perhaps for something more untoward… Here in the V&A garden, the shed functioned as a blank canvas for the individual artist to decide how to respond to the structure and its inherent implications.

Tracy Emin created an environment constructed from personal possessions that she either made or constructed: drawings, pieces of furniture, patchwork curtains, a lamp, cat pictures, figurines, an appliqué Ouija board. The objects were fresh from the stage of a theatre production of Jean Cocteau’s ‘Les Parents Terribles’, for which Emin designed the set. Re-assembled, in her shed, they were carefully choreographed to symbolise desire, love, jealousy and hate, which have become trademark characteristics of Emin’s work.

I wonder if any museums will be doing stuff from Shed Week 2010 as you know sheds are the cornerstone of this great country and not just for artsake.

By Andrew Wilcox

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