Is there something in the shed? wood/pub/sea

We have had some wonderful sheds added the last few days… is there something in the water? or are people realising that there is only a few months to add their sheds to Shed of the Year 2010?

The Scriptorium

The Scriptorium - Mike
Bristol, England

Dome Experiment

Dome Experiment - Dan

Mine, thine and ours

Mine, thine and ours - Ann & Bob
Ann & Bob
Garden in Lincolnshire

Cherise’s Marmalade Cottage

Cherise's Marmalade Cottage - Cherise A. Cox
Cherise A. Cox
Massachusetts USA

The Brickhouse

The Brickhouse - Jon Moore
Jon Moore


Enigma - Will Parkin
Will Parkin
side of garden Nottingham

By Andrew Wilcox

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