My sheddie : Christopher Bowen

This my sheddie is an inspirational to all those that want to brew their own beer in their sheds and a great international shed.

Sheddies name

Christopher Bowen

Shed name

The HammerSmith Brewery and Alehouse

Selfbuild or off the shelf shed?

The shed was exsisting to the property when I bought it , however I completely remodled it, including running water H/C, electric, heat, air conditioning, internet , TV, and a nice Hifi .

Why have you got a shed? uses etc

The main reason for me shed is a place to brew and enjoy the company of my friends. My wife thinks I spend too much time there, but I just love love it, it’s a safe place in a harsh world .

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How would you describe your shed?
My shed is a secret garden pub, the setting of the property is very special , and having witnessed many people coming into the shed for the first time usually takes their breathe away . It’s really exciting having new folks come for the first time, there’s lots to see .

Who are your shed inspirations?

Well , ironically , I visited this site a few years ago and long before I owned my current shed , looked around and said WOW !, there are some very creative and like minded people on this site , I love it . Most of the people in America don’t do much with their sheds other than store garden equipment or spill petrol in them .

Future Shed plans

I would love to add another room to me shed, connected by a hallway , maybe another 10’x10′ hangout room . I would also like to make a widows walk on the roof.

How did you find out about our community?

I was referred by a fellow brewer here in the states who has had a few pints of ale or three with Wilco

What word would you use to sum up Sheds


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