Would you want a nuclear reactor in your shed – dont worry It’s not going to happen anytime soon

John “Grizz” Deal wants to put a nuclear reactor in your shed in your back garden According to the Times.

Creative Commons License photo credit: TravOC

As nuclear plants go, these are tiny, about the size of a shed. They will be buried 6ft underground, can run virtually unmanned for a decade and provide enough power for 20,000 people.

But in his comment on the Times site he says

While we certainly appreciate your mention of our firm in today’s Times, you have done your readers a disservice.

The comparison, size-size, of our reactor to a garden shed is accurate. But no one in the industry, especially Hyperion Power, proposes locating a power plant in one’s back garden.

A Hyperion Power Module-based power plant is no more appropriate for one’s backyard than a gas, coal, or heavy oil power plant. Our plants will generate enough electricity for over 20,000 homes, and like gas, coal, and heavy oil power plants, will a require security systems and a safety corridor.

Humans continue to cause disruption in our environment, and our power needs grow each day. Solving these issues requires serious people and complex solutions, not comedic jabs.

John R. Grizz Deal, CEO
Hyperion Power

By Andrew Wilcox

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