Sheds and biscuits – the truth – do you share?

As you know from way back we are fans of a nice cup of tea and a sit down and their biscuit shed, but there is a new champion for the biscuit cause Encounters With Remarkable Biscuits and that got me thinking about “What would sheddies do”

Most sheddies like a cup of tea in their sheds but what about that biscuitly lovely.

If it’s just you in the shed then it’s fine you can choose what biscuit you fancy the best dunker maybe or something with a bit creme in the middle.

But it has always been a problem if your shed is used by multiple people maybe it’s on an allotment – or you work in your shed with someone else, What biscuit do you buy for the other sheddie? do you get the cheap non brand ones for them but have a sneaky custard cream hidden behind the spider web for your own deli-cation.

I wonder what you sheddies do in terms of biscuit sharing like the owner of the teahouse in st. lenords e.sussex uk


Any one can drop in for a tea break, its full of spiders, it has a sink unit its now re been given total re ferb but still full of gardening gear, boots, over wintering pots and the best of all the kettel’s always on the boil.

Or the Tea House, Nottingham

This is an imitation Chinese (not Japanese) Tea House, its my own design and its different! At the moment it serves as a workshop, smoke room, and somewhere to drink out of the rain.

Sheddie what is your biscuit of choice.

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By Andrew Wilcox

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