Top Tips for felting a shed roof

My shed roof desperately needs re felting – of course I should have done it in the summer when the weather was a lot better, but as with most things I do, it takes me months to get round to things (yes mrsunclewilco was right, but don’t tell her).

Anyway being of little DIY skills I asked the sheddies, on that fangled twitter thing. and got some good advice from the shedwitters

BuyAssociation November 5, 2009

@unclewilco Buy the stuff that has a strip of bitumen on one side underneath – heat with a blowtorch, stick down and it seals! Genius…

JULIANBRAY November 5, 2009

@unclewilco get rigid corrugated sheets of roof lining (B&Q £11 a sheet) and fixing nails much easier lasts longer

oddjones November 5, 2009

@unclewilco Yeah – prepare yourself both pysically and mentally beforehand – it’s a horrible job :

Christopher_R November 5, 2009

@unclewilco Wear good gloves. That cold tar stuff is horrible.

GardenBuildings November 5, 2009

@unclewilco measure the felt twice and cut the felt once. always a good one. Don’t scrimp on the tacks either or high wind will get you


If you have any more tips to help me in my task then please reply on this tweet or comment below.

By Andrew Wilcox

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