Just Sheds: Irish Sheds

We have great sheds from all the world and I will be featuring some of them over the next few weeks.

This week just over the water from the Shed HQ here are some great Irish Sheddies (and one Northen Irish) and their sheds… I thought there would be more pub sheds, or maybe the sheddies have too many pubs to go to anyway.


hackenbush - doug matthews
doug matthews
sligo, ireland

Bredas shed

Bredas shed - Breda
Ireland /Tipperary

The Felder Shed

The Felder Shed - Mark

Too new

Too new - Thumpaman
County Cork Ireland

The Black Dog Distillery

The Black Dog Distillery - Chris
Northern Ireland

The Shed

The Shed - The Shed (The Band)
The Shed (The Band)
Cork City Ireland

If you are sheddie who is not in the UK, then why not Share your shed like these sheddies.

By Andrew Wilcox

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