Would you want an Airfix scale model kit shed? can James May help?

After watching the very good James May show last night where he built a full-size Spitfire out of Airfix with a lot of help mind you.


James takes model aeroplanes to a new level when he tries to make a full-size Spitfire out of Airfix. The venture soon hits problems when it becomes clear the giant 36-foot pieces may not be strong enough, and nobody knows how they will fit together.

I wonder if you could do something simliar with a garden shed? big one piece airfix type shed kits? I know he builds a house out of lego (but they are made for that) so shed companies please let us know if possible!!!

You can Watch again on Iplayer

also I wonder if James may would be a good shed judge, if only he would read this?

By Andrew Wilcox

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