We love lady sheddies and their lady sheds

I was thinking this morning how many great new sheds we have on readersheds.co.uk and how many of them are lady sheddies, even Suzi Perry from the gadget show thinks ladies with sheds are great as she tweeted “I think we dig lady sheds!!”, now cmon Suzi Share your shed! or any other Lady Sheddies – Lets See your Lady Sheds too.

Ladies are becoming a force in the shed world where it used to be a bastion of male shedism, of course having a his and her shed is best, as me and MrsUW know 😉

So here are some great lady sheddies.

Caribbean Cricket Pavillion

Caribbean Cricket Pavillion - Janet

HERS - Susan Pinner
Susan Pinner
Bottom of the garden…..Shropshire


Bide-a-while - Marion
Swansea, Wales

Museum Shed

Museum Shed - mary Leahy
mary Leahy
Rear of Garden


Seaview - Andrea

pebble shed

pebble shed - Manda Greasley
Manda Greasley
In my Garden.

Butterfly Barn

Butterfly Barn - Pat Lewis
Pat Lewis
my back garden, Leeds

My Green Heaven

My Green Heaven - gay abbott
gay abbott

Of course the male sheddies tend to have workshops and pub sheds.

In addition we have two lovely (I am a allowed to say that?) female shed judges in Sarah Beeny and Debra Prinzing

So cmon blokes Share your sheds to keep up with the lady sheddies.

By Andrew Wilcox

I love sheds Founder & judge of Shed of the year - Wilco writes mainly about sheds. About the blog Enter your shed into #shedoftheyear