Can you help, we are looking for another shed

Well Mrs UW is, so by proxy I am as well – she want’s a extra storage space to fit down the side of the house, then she can have her summerhouse back as it’s being used for storage at the mo while we have garage converted (that’s another story for another day Fume) and then maybe I can use the shed HQ for beer brewing 🙂

As you know my DIY skills are laughable I thought I would use my wossname about the sheds to search for one.. using our very own (well it has got lots of shed on there, so worth a go)

The issue we have is that the space is very small only about 5ft in width so we are limited trying to install one, so bespoke may be the ideal, but not within our small budget.

Anyway these two are the ones we eying up Billyoh Pathfinder lean To 7 X 5

Treetops Lean-to Tool Store 8×3

Of course if some handy sheddies who want to showcase their building skills are more than welcome to come round or maybe I should get some rammed earth! (of course I am joking Mrs UW would not be that happy with the last two!, sorry sheddies)

By Andrew Wilcox

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