Something’s Wrong with Abel – art for sheds sake?

I am not a big theater goer (Panto is my cerebral equal) but this sounds good (as it’s got sheds in, see easily pleased), but Mrs Uncle Wilco pointed me the direction of this play/theatre/indoor shed exploration.

“You probably know that Cain killed his brother. But you probably don’t know that Cain now lives in his shed on a council allotment. Or that he is regularly abducted and experimented on by Aliens or Angels (he’s not sure which). Night after night, alone on his roof-top, Cain defends us all from heavenly invaders. With all but a few of his Old Testament allies gone, this lonely Bible outcast is the last true champion of the human race.

The latest performance from the makers of Big Hands is full of humour, pathos and genuine weirdness. Original live music, poetic text and peculiar physicality flow through a surreal escalation of action, perpetually looping towards the most famous murder in western history. The show explores and “owns-up” to issues of rage, fear, jealousy and guilt. It also deals with the most powerful and sacred bond in the male world — that between a man and his shed.”

Anyway it’s on at Chapter arts centre in the Bohemian district of Cardiff know as Canton, (decent beer at chapter mind you)

By Andrew Wilcox

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